Chaos Scar in the Nentir Vale

Arrival At Last

One Night in Restwell Keep

(this is just a point of reference for compiling information. To Be Worked On)

Encounter – 4 drakes, 1 large and 3 medium; Needlefang Drake Swarm
Round 1
-Keelyth got 20 and did 29 dmg and bloodied it! Nice first round.
-Druuk charged the swarm and missed them.
-Green Drakes hock a loogi at Druuk and did 20 pts of acid dmg
-Akmenos hits Kruuk and does 17 dmg and kills him
-Looska moved and healed Druuk 15 hpts, then charged and rolled 20 and did 16 dmg and killed medium drake
-Drake Swarm aura attack missed looska and druuk, knocked looska down and did 5 dmg
-large drake hits druuk, 10 dmg
round 2
-Keelyth attacks Large drake and does 13 dmg
-Kruuk stands and does 1-2 punch, does swarm 20 dmg, on large drake does 12 dmg, action point: duelist prowess and healed 9 hp
-medium ones hit keelyth and druuk 5 dmg to keelyth, 14 to druuk, drukk dies again
-akmenos moves stealthly into possition and misses.
-looska stands and misses the swarm
-Swarm misses Akmenos, Hits Looska, Misses Druuk, Looska took 6, knocked down and does 10 dmg
Round 3
-Keelyth hit Large Drake and Missed
-Druuk hits Large Drake and does 22 dmg. yay!
-Green drakes hit akmenos and Keelyth, does 10 dmg (akmenos) and 8 dmg (keelyth), Akmenos does 11 dmg back.
-Akmenos hit Large Drake for 14 dmg
-Looska hits swarm for 9 dmg, spend action point & second wind
-Swarm killes Looska
-Large Drake missed Akmenos

Round 4
-Keelyth hit Large drake for 16 dmg and kills it
-Druuk hits swarm for 8 dmg and slide it one square
-green drakes missed
-Akmenos missed and moved.
-looska makes death saving throw
-swamr attacks and pulls down Akmenos and does 8 dmg
Round 5
-Keelyth hits for 22 dmg on the swarm
-Druuk hits swarm and misses
-green drakes hit keelyth for 21 dmg, she goes down.
-Akmenos hit swarm for 15 dmg and kills it
-looska fails DST #1
Round 6
-Druuk takes 5 dmg and misses
-green drakes shift and spit at Druuk, killing him
-Akmenos ran with Keelyth
-Looska Fails DST#2
-Keelyth rolls DST, no fail
-Druuk rolls DST, Fail
-green drake smove
-Looska fails DST #3, then Akmenos saves Keelyth, Jarek comes in and saves the day.
-Keelyth kills the last beast and druuk still lives
-residium effect?
Druuk and Looska somehow are still alive and a short rest is taken
Then Ants start to come in from above. Jarek runs for safety.


good recap!

Arrival At Last

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