Chaos Scar in the Nentir Vale

Death in the Pincers

In which the Party finds the Drakes... and more!

Jerek led the party into the Chaos Scar to a small ridge just across a break in the King’s Wall. He took them to a tunnel opening and said: “This is where I saw them go.”

This is the place. The tunnel slopes down steeply at first but is high and broad. It’s dark, but even those of you who read only books, not tracks, can see the footprints of man-sized reptiles in the debris and mud outside the tunnel mouth.

Jerek, looking nervous, said to the party: “I’ll wait out here for you.” After a brief discussion Akmenos took out a sunrod, struck it alight and the party made its way into the tunnel. Druuk and Looska led the way followed by Akmenos and Keelyth.

At about 60 feet into the tunnel, which may have been sloping slightly downwards, the party saw:

At first it looks like the tunnel ends ahead of you, but then you see that it’s a 15-foot wall of boulders. It looks like it would be easy to climb, but smaller boulders and piles of bones are jumbled in the heap, complicating your steps. There’s a faint purple glow moving about somewhere above the top of the cliff.

They heard something moving above, and after everybody scrambled up the slope, and turned the corner into the main cavern this is what they saw:

The cavern is lit by a brightly glowing purple chunk of rock in the north wall and a smaller flickering chunk on the south wall, both set on raised daises surrounded by spiky, glowing rock. Hissing with fury, drakes spit and claw their way toward you from the north. The drakes have crusty purple growths on their skin, but these growths glow purple like the rock, as do the drakes’ eyes.

There are 4 drakes in the cavern, one the size of a small horse with red skin, and three smaller ones. Two were skinnier and lean like greyhounds with greenish skins, and one beefly looking one like a pitbull with reddish skin. There is also a swarm of 20 or so tiny drakes, not much bigger than kittens.

Keelyth reacted quick and flung a dagger at the closest drake, the beefy one. She managed to hit a critical spot and blood flowed freely. This is what Keelyth saw:

As your attack hits home, the drake’s blood explodes from its eyes and the growths on its skin, staining the rock nearby a glowing purple.

As each drake was wounded this explosion of blood was repeated.

Druuk charged towards the swarm of smaller drakes, but they all managed to dodge out of the way of his club. The lean drakes from their dais coughed and spit acid on Drukk. Combat was engaged.

The beefy drake was quickly dispatched. This is what the party saw:

The drake goes down in a fountain of blood and an explosion of magical energy. It’s hard to be certain in the rush of the fight, but there’s no sign yet of the residuum you’re hoping for.

As each drake was killed this explosion of blood and energy was repeated.

Looska moved among her allies inspiring them and encouraging them to greater acts of heroism. Druuk got knocked down, staggered to his feet swinging and hitting drakes before going down again and staggering to his feet again.

The large drake leapt into combat, lashing out with sharp teeth. It bit Druuk, drawing its first blood in this combat. This is what the Druuk saw:

As its attack draws blood, the rage drake meets your gaze with its glowing reptilian eyes. It lets out a rumbling growl, licks its lips, and speaks! “More!” it bellows, and comes toward you again.

The green drakes kept up with volleys of acid spittle. The swarm of small drakes danced in and around the larger combatants, occasionally swarming up and pulling and tripping larger foes before backing off again. Eventually they overwhelm Looska and she stays down. Keelyth managed to maneuver into a flanking position on the large strange drake, and for a moment when its attention wavered, launched an attack that finally killed it. A weakened Keelyth is then hit with globs of burning acid from the drakes and falls, unconscious due to wounds. Akmenos dispatches the last of the small swarm of drakes, one or two survivors flee. Druuk is the next victim to fall to the unrelenting stream of acid missiles, leaving Akmenos as the last party member standing.

Akmenos grabs Keelyth and drags her around the corner. Jerek, who had crept up at the sounds of combat, tossed Akmenos a magical potion of healing before covering them with his bow. Akmenos fed the contents of the vial to Keelyth, magically healing some of her wounds and reviving her. Grabbing their weapons the three of them manage to defeat the last two acid spitting Drakes.

Akmenos rushed to Druuk, performed emergency first aid and stabilized his condition. Keelyth went to Looska to aid her, but found she is too late. Looska is dead. Her blood sluggishly mixing on the ground with the glowing purple blood of the dead drake beside her.

Or was she? Breath filled Looska’s lungs as her eyes sprung open. Keelyth looked on concernedly as Looksa regained her feet.

The party patched its wounds, cleaned its weapons and investigated the bodies of the drakes and the two glowing stones on the walls. Eventually, blisters begin to form on the bodies of the drakes as the party eagerly watched.

Before they can begin to harvest the residuum, small rocks and dirt begin to be dislodged from the ceiling. Giant ants begin to poor into the room!



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