Chaos Scar in the Nentir Vale

Death in the Pincers II

When giant ants attack!

The party saw the following:

As you’ve been waiting for the blisters to form, you’ve sensed that the bodies of the drakes have begun to manifest some sort of magic, as a gradually rising glow of different colors surrounds each of the bodies. Blisters surface on the skin of the drakes, just as you’d hoped. But before you can begin to truly harvest the residuum, you hear scratching overhead. Stone falls from two holes in the ceiling and two bat-winged insects fly down out of the dust and debris, followed by waves of giant ants!

About a dozen giant ants poured into the cavern. Two of them looked like warrior type ants, with larger mandibles then the others.

Jerek took the first shot and killed one of the worker ants. Everyone started attacking the ants, though only the two warrior ants move to respond. The remaining worker ants scuttled around trying to gather up the bodies of the fallen drakes.

One of the bat like insect creatures managed to attach itself to Druuk and like a giant mosquito started draining blood, though at a far more alarming rate. Noting the strange colors rising from the bodies of the drakes Akmenos tumbled over the purple spikes from the dais and decapitated the large drake, hoping to prevent it from rising up from the dead.

Flanked by two warrior ants, and being drained by the bat like mosquito creature, Druuk falls, but Looska fearlessly comes to his rescue. With her inspiration he manages to stave of unconsciousness. He gets to his feet, rips the bat thing off and shifts carefully away from the ants.

Akmenos, standing near the crushed bodies of the little drakes is surrounded by shadows of swirling drakes. He stabs one of the warrior ants but as he does so some kind strange physic energy flows down his blade. He killed it but also took some kind of tiny physic energy backlash.

As combat progressed both warrior ants were dispatched as well as both bat creatures. Keelyth had one attached to her that she managed to get out of its grip and then pin it to the ground and stab it to death. However the worker ants had all but one of the drake bodies and were taking them through the holes in the ceiling. Looska went to throw a rock at one of the ants and nearly hit Druuk instead, fumbling it horribly. Akmenos tumbled forward and managed to kill two ants with his throwing daggers. The remaining ants couldn’t carry the large drake any longer and dropped it. Akmenos managed to dodge out of the way of the headless drake before it crushed him.

After cleaning up from the second fight, the party examined the bodies and found a total of 12 blisters on the two drake bodies. After careful harvesting they managed to successfully harvest 9 of the blisters.

Searching the cavern they found scatter coins and refuse. A pair of heavy workmen’s leather gloves caught Akmenos’s attention and, after trying to dissemble, he admitted that he believed they were magical in nature.

Druuk was examining the stone that was flickering in one corner. As he attempted to remove it, it crumbled to dust in his hands. After double checking Akmenos believed its magic had been mostly drained. The other stone on however proved impervious to any attempts to remove it. Just as the party was just about ready to leave, Akmenos became convinced that by using a little of the harvested residuum and an improvised ritual he could break down its defenses and remove it. With some help from the other party members he was successful. Looska evidenced a distinct dislike for the stone and wanted nothing to do with it.

As the party started to leave, they saw the following:

There’s a huge crash from the north tunnel, the way you came in, and dust puffs into the room as if a big mass of stone had been displaced farther up the tunnel.

When they climb down the rockfall, they find their way blocked by another dozen ants. The combat is short but fierce but the ants are defeated. Jerek managed to kill three worker ants on his on. Keelyth comes into her own and dispatches a warrior ant almost completely by herself.

And then the party finds themselves once again in the muted sunlight of an overcast day. With victory holding their heads high, they make their way back… to Restwell Keep



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