Chaos Scar in the Nentir Vale

A Chance Encounter

On the way to the Chaos Scar

About a day out from the Keep on the Chaos Scar, while passing through a slightly more wooded area just shortly before dusk:

“A horse’s shrill scream splits the air, followed by panicked shouting and the sound of splintering wood. You think it came from just behind the trees ahead.”

Coming around the trees, the party sees the following:

Through the trees, you spot a wagon sinking into the ground. The horse tied to the wagon screams and thrashes as it is pulled back to the hole. Several men and women dressed in yellow robes and matching round, brimless hats run about in panic. Climbing on top of the wagon and helping the situation not at all is a wild-eyed lunatic wielding a length of chain with a chunk of stone at the end. He looks around, spots you, and screams, “I have foreseen this! A trap! Kill them! Kill them all!”

Akmenos stepped forward to try and convince them that they were there to help. However the sight of a Minotaur, Tiefling and Half-Orc likely did little to calm any fears.

The man on the wagon, called Pung by his followers, directed his followers once again to attack.

Druuk moved forward and knocked one of them down, as the man fell he cried out to Pung for assistance, in response Pung called out Rise Fool! at which the man struggled to his feet once again.

Keelyth dodged through the chaos of combat forming to take the horses head, hopefully to guide it to safety.

Looska had enough of the mad man on top of the wagon and charged the wagon in hopes of knocking Pung off. It succeeded, however it proved too much for the precarious balance of the wagon over the hole. The wagon and horse plummeted down 20 feet, destroying both.

Pung landed beside the wagon to the sound of shattering glass. A strange glass box had rolled out of his grasp when he fell. A strange, insubstantial floating creature, about the size of a large dog appeared.

That’s when the giant ants showed up. They crawled up out the hole in the ground.

One of the ants, a large aggressive one, managed to grab Looska and stung her a couple of times before it was finally killed.

Akmenos killed Pung, and when an ant grabbed the body and dragged it down the hole he chuckled to himself. That is until a look of dawning realization crossed his face and he cried out: “Hey! Bring that back! I want his stuff!” However he had to turn back to the combat and the strange creature that had appeared.

The ants distracted the party long enough that the strange fell creature slipped past them and fell upon one of Pung’s unconscious minions. With the ants dispatch the four members of the part fell on the creature.

Afterwards they we’re uncertain of what they faced. One person said that upon defeat the creature had disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Another said it seemed to ‘turn sideways’ and disappear, another said it had dissolved into ash and blew away. In any case they found themselves with three dead people. Rifling through the pockets turned up about 20 gold pieces. A relatively large sum of money…

They also picked up the broken glass box.

After that the party wished to put some distance between themselves and this strange place before they camped.


I just wanted to save the Horse.

Akmenos can’t seem to let go. He’s still got this focus for Empire Buidling. What kind of Empire? Don’t ask me. So, off to the Chaos Scar we go. We’ve heard about it before and I know there is a keep there, and Akmenos figures that maybe he can make some arrangements that could help him get back into the game, so to speak. And since Druuk and Looska haven’t got anything better to do, cause no one’s really hiring right now, and I know a little about the place and area, we figure what harm is there in following him. Besides, what if he does manage to find success, why let him get all the glory? But you’ll never believe the luck we have.

We’re about a day away from where we figure the Keep should be, when we hear a ruckus out of sight. Not any ruckus, someone’s in trouble and there’s a horse freaking out. We rush in the direction and find a wagon that is precariously perched out of a hole in the earth. The horse that was pulling it along is in trouble, and the humans around it are not doing anything to help! Instead they were uselessly running around, when all of a sudden one of the guys up on the wagon starts yelling about it being a Trap, and ordering to the other guys to kill us! I yell at the guys around the horse trying to get them to help encourage the horse to pull itself forward. Druuk rushes in and pommels a guy as he cries out “Pung!”, which just happens to be the mouthy guys’ name. At which point this Pung makes the fallen guy RISE back up!! Akmenos follows in and he’s swinging his Khopesh around. Whatever guys! I rush into get to the horse, since no one else seems to bother to try and get the horse out of the situation. Then Looska comes charging in, and she literally charges the wagon knocking this guy Pung OFF, but also knocking the wagon into the hole in the earth, which ultimately pulls the horse down with it.

I couldn’t look, I just wanted to save the horse and now it was gone. I heard some breaking glass, and there was so much commotion going on. Guys being knocked down, and then getting back up. Then some of them didn’t get back up. And all of a sudden, I’m being attacked by an ant bigger than me!! And there was another one attaching itself to Looska’s leg. And there was something happening behind me to one of the fallen guys, and it didn’t sound pleasant. I kept the giant ant at bay, and did what I could and we managed to get out of it by the skin of our teeth. Again.

A Chance Encounter

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