Chaos Scar in the Nentir Vale

To the Crossroads

Looking for the Brothers Gray… and finding trouble.

The party was unable to make the journey back to the Keep before the gates closed for the night, so they instead headed for Jerek’s hut. Its small and crowed with all the bodies, but its four walls and a fire.

The next day is overcast and cool. It threatens to rain in the afternoon but never does.

The party parts ways with Jerek briefly, so they can head back to their apartment and freshen up and agree to meet with him at the Stumbling Giant.

Akmenos sits down and examines the gloves closely and toys with them for a few minutes before announcing that he believes they are Gauntlets of Ogre Power. After a brief discussion Looska is decided to carry the gloves and use them.

Back at the Giant the party decides to see if the Mages may be interested in the residuum collected and anything else the party found. At which point they head over.

They go to the Saruun Guildhouse and meet with a mage wearing a silver mask and long, sky blue robes. He speaks in a tone barely louder than a whisper and has similarly clad assistants. The wizard is introduced as Citirian.

Citiran agrees to purchase the residuum and is willing to pay up to 500gp for the Gauntlets of Ogre Power. In addition he would be very interested in the glowing rock the party found, as it may be related to the original meteor that created the Chaos Scar. Keelyth asks about checking people out who may have been exposed to the stone, but Looska sounds very reluctant to investigate this avenue. The mages would charge 100gp per person for such an examination. The party leaves the rock with the mages to examine for a few hours and head back to the giant.

Back at the Giant the party decides to split up and go and explore the town for a while waiting.

Druuk stays in the Giant and meets a tiefling called Nyron Darkspell who is looking for samples of bullywug mud. He is willing to pay 30gp for a sample of each kind of mud from croaker, mucker, twitcher or mud lord.

Druuk also learns that although the other group is called the Redblades that is not thier official name, its “The Order of the Staff” or “The Order of the Broken Staff”. He also learns their names.

Akmenos asks some more questions about the Brothers Gray. They are rumored to be just one halfling with many disguises, or twin brothers, or a whole gang. He also hears that they may be holed up in an abandoned mine.

Keelyth heads to the Chapel of Avandra and meets the priestess Chendra. She again asks about afflictions or taints from the Chaos Scar. As long as there were no wounds or physical damage Jerek should be fine, but without a proper examination it’s difficult to tell. Again such an examination would cost about 100gp.

About the Keep, Looska does not see much out of the ordinary, but she hears a few off-duty guards lamenting that they can not go into the taverns for refreshment.

After regrouping at the Giant the party heads back to the Mages. The mages offer 1,000gp for the stone and free examinations for everyone the next day. Everyone takes up the mages on their offer. The party splits the money evenly with Jerek and repays him for his potion of healing.

The next day the mages perform the examinations on everyone and it looks like everyone is given a clean bill of health. Akmenos purchases a magical dagger from the mages (+1). The group heads to the Chapel to see about purchasing more potions of healing. It turns out the Redblades had picked up most of the potions for sale recently and they only had two left for sale.

They decide to pursue the Halflings Bandits, the Brothers Grey, and head off to visit Jerek on their way out of the keep and area to learn more about the area, and where this potential mine might be. At which point they learn of a place called the “crossroads” where those who wish to make deals on the possibly less legal side of things go to do business. And there is an old abandoned mine nearby too. The group heads off to the Crossroads.

As they approach the crossroads, they can see it is made up of a Trading Post, a metal fashioned gibbet tree, and an old graveyard. Getting closer, they find a man wasting away in one of the gibbets, imploring of 3 hobgoblins to set him free for whatever happened was just a misunderstanding. Akmenos inquires as to why the man is in the gibbet and is told it is none of his business. Inside the building they see a half-orc plying hides to some Dwarves. Upon further inspection, Akmenos notices that some of the hides are tainted drake hides, most likely from the ones they left behind. They all meet Millen Silvereye, the Tiefling that runs the trading post.

They learn that the Redblades are not welcome here, and figure it best not to inquire about the Brothers gray. They are offered a magical dagger, which they might get when they can afford it. Akmenos asks about the Gibbet Tree and the man, and is told to ask the Hobgoblins. But anyone who deals in bad faith will find themselves in the Gibet Tree.

Akmenos is most disturbed by the fate of the man inside the Gibbet, and he decides upon their leaving that they should free the man by any means. Once again they are told to bugger off by the main Hobgoblin, the other two share words as they all take an offensive stance. Akmenos, not to be deterred, pushes the matter.. at which point the one hobgoblin attacks him, and bloodies him in one hit.

The battle is short and fierce but the party manages to defeat the Hobgoblins and free the man from the gibbet.



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