Harken Village

Referred to as Harken by the locals, this village is the largest settlement in Harkenwold.

  1. The Silver Nail. This respectable tavern is often plays host to the garrison as a favored off-hours drinking spot.
  2. Stockmer Keep. The castle of Baron Jonn Stockmer.
  3. Cliffside Brewery. The three Ironbeards — brothers Omurk and Dannurk, and Dannurk’s notoriously short-tempered wife Dathilda — run this fine brewery.
  4. Old Kellar’s House. An elder of Harken, Kellar is an ancient dwarf who worked as a master stonecutter and mason for a century.
  5. Grimbold’s House. Grimbold and his family are shifters. They keep to themselves, making a living as woodcutters and trappers. Grimbold knows the woodlands around Harken quite well.
  6. Tower of Green Flame. A mysterious crystal spire rising above the town, this tower is thought to be the residence of an ancient archmage who long ago departed the world to explore other planes.
  7. Harkenwold Trading Station. The major mercantile outlet in Harken, the Trading Station is owned by a stout, oily little man named Rennis.
  8. House of Faith. A large temple built by an adventuring cleric of yore, the House of Faith has seen better days. Shrines dedicated to Pelor, Moradin, Erathis, and Sehanine stand inside.
  9. Nonnie’s Place. The doughty halfling Nonnie Farwhere runs a small inn with a kitchen and common room. “Aunt Nonnie” is something of a gossip and a busybody.

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