Keep on the Shadowfell

Ahead, the narrow track widens into a clearing. Great piles of shattered stone blocks and scorched timbers dominate the clearing, sprawling out from its center to the edge of the woods. No plants grow among the ruins or within the clearing. The ground is bare dirt, and although the forest has begun to reclaim the path leading here, it has not intruded into the ruins of Shadowfell Keep.

Two decades after the collapse of the Nareth Empire, Shadowfell Keep was abandoned and left to fall apart and decay. On that fateful night the commander of the keep garrison began a systematic slaughter of the residents of the keep. Suffering heavy losses, the soldiers stationed there eventually managed to defeat him. As one of the last bastions of the fallen empire, there was no one to order it back into service.

So, it was abandoned, feared for a time, and eventually, more or less forgotten. An earthquake a few years later collapsed the upper towers and walls, and turned the place into a ruin of tumbled stone. Rumors persist of great treasures buried beneath the keep, yet few have dared explore the passages over the year. The commanders’ ghost is said to roam the corridors beneath the ruins, wailing in grief over the tragedy of his life.

The people of Winterhaven avoid the place, and the mere mention of Shadowfell Keep is considered bad luck by many of the farmers and villagers.

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Keep on the Shadowfell

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