Provisioner and Trader

These two buildings serve as the center of trade within the outer bailey. The eastern building houses the provisioner Grelda, an elderly human woman who deals in herbs, food, and other perishable goods. She does much of her business with the few farmers and homesteaders who live near the keep.

The western half is given over to the trader, Bosco Heldam. Bosco is an overweight human who is eager to expand his business in the area. He deals almost exclusively with adventurers, and can offer almost any mundane good of up to 100 gp at a 10% markup.

Bosco and Grelda have something of a rivalry. Grelda has lived in the keep her entire life, and her shop has passed from one generation to the next. Bosco is a newcomer, an opportunist hoping to make money selling gear to adventurers who venture into the Chaos Scar. Their shops’ proximity makes shouting matches and arguments between the two a daily occurrence, leaving their befuddled customers caught in the middle. Grelda has begun to stock adventuring gear to compete with Bosco’s business, and she offers her goods without his markup.

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Provisioner and Trader

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