Restwell Chapel of Avandra

For many years, the chapel to Avandra was the spiritual center of the keep. Before Lord Drysdale’s arrival, and even before the Blades claimed this place, the folk of the keep paid respect to the goddess of freedom and adventure. Many of the people who settled in the keep were outcasts, wanderers, and refugees. They saw this place as a safe harbor in a chaotic world.

That spirit of independence and adventure still thrives here, though Lord Drysdale’s more regimented, orderly methods grate against the inhabitants of the outer bailey. The high priestess of Avandra, the half-elf Chendera, is one of Drysdale’s loudest critics.

The chapel consists of a long stone building. Its interior consists of a single open chamber. A statue of Avandra, in her halfling form, stands at the far end of the structure. Most of the time, adventurers and other folk come here to offer sacrifices to Avandra and beseech her for good luck.

During holy days, most notably the last day of the year, the chapel becomes the center of activity in the outer bailey. Games of chance, most notably dice, take place in the chapel. Those who seek to curry Avandra’s favor for the year gamble away 10% of their profits from the past year, sharing their good fortune in hopes of enticing more of it to come to them. The less fortunate attend in hopes of gaining Avandra’s attention and garnering better luck.

  • Chendera: Short for a half-elf, with striking, long black hair, Chendera sees to the outer bailey’s spiritual health. She spends much time at The Stumbling Giant, and is usually found there or in the chapel. She sees Lord Drysdale as an intruder and conqueror who is no better than the Blades.

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Restwell Chapel of Avandra

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