Restwell Main Gate

Two 30-foot-tall towers flank the 20-foot-tall gate­house that watches over the keep’s entrance. A drawbridge, usually raised, spans the 40-foot-deep crevasse that surrounds the keep and leads into the gatehouse and the keep beyond.

A host of daunting obstacles greets anyone, or anything, that attempts to storm the gate. Guards armed with bows and crossbows watch the entrance from the towers above, a portcullis provides an additional barrier against intruders, and arrow slits in the gatehouse allow the guards to fire at creatures that make it past the drawbridge.

Visitors to the keep must first provide names, professions, and business in the keep to the guards. Only after hearing satisfactory answers do the guards lower the drawbridge. Security is a matter of life and death here. Flippant responses draw stony silence and a tightly shut drawbridge.

Those whom have been granted access to the keep are escorted by guards to the entry yard beyond the gate­house. Fallek, the corporal of the watch, and Syradon, a scribe, meet them there along with a contingent of four guards. Visitors must escort their horses to the stables, while all weapons other than daggers must be turned over to Fallek for safe keeping.

  • Fallek: The corporal of the guard is a male human warrior clad in plate mail, shield, sword, and dagger. His black, long hair is turning gray, and a scar runs across his right cheek. Over 40 years old, he has seen a number of battles. He’s known to be grouchy and pushy, especially with most strangers.
  • Syradon: This male human wears typical work­man’s clothes and carries a battered leather book he uses to record visitors’ names and any weapons left with Fallek.

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Restwell Main Gate

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