Restwell Saruun Guildhouse

Hailing from the distant Seven-Pillared Hall, a settlement founded amid the dungeons of Thunderspire in the Nentir Vale, the Mages of Saruun are a secretive order of wizards that combines arcane knowledge with trade and business acumen. The mages are renowned for seeking trade with creatures of distant or dangerous realms. None can guess at their ultimate goals, but their trade posts deal in rare, exotic, and profitable goods.

The guildhouse is a two-story building. The lower floor features offices for the master of the guildhouse, a mage named Citirian, and his two assistants. Four human mercenaries serve as guards, while a large, brass construct, shaped like a minotaur, called a bronze warder stands guard outside the guildhouse. At night, the warder walks a silent path around the place. The second floor has quarters for the mages, the mercenaries, and a few spare rooms for visitors to the guildhouse.

The Saruun mages have a sinister reputation in town, but thus far they have yet to engage in any actions remotely damaging to the keep. They pay a hefty tax to Lord Drysdale, and at times have apparently supplied him with magical items useful for defending the keep. Still, the mages keep to themselves. Drysdale’s detractors point to their presence in the outer bailey as another sign that the paladin cares only for his own business. After all, if he likes the mages so much, he could take them and their mysterious affairs into the inner bailey.

  • Citirian: This wizard wears a silver mask and long, sky blue robes. He speaks in a tone barely louder than a whisper, while his similarly clad assistants have never been known to speak.

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Restwell Saruun Guildhouse

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