Half-orc Rogue from Hammerfast


Druuk (DRUCK) is a Half-orc from Hammerfast. His nickname is ‘Muscle’. At an early age he became involved in crime and theft. This changed after he was caught and spent six months in hard labour for his crimes. Already agile, this hard work and simple but filling fare bulked out his 6’3” frame.

During this time he had a change of heart and decided he no longer wanted a live a life of crime. After he did his time he quickly hired on as a caravan guard. Not known for quick wit, he has been a steady and dependable guard. That all came quickly to an end when a caravan he was guarding was mostly destroyed. It is through his efforts that, although much of the goods were lost, the cost of life was low. Despite that, upon his return to Fallcrest, he found himself unemployable in his chosen profession.

Druuk carries a heavy, iron-bound, club. It has the symbol of Kord lovingly carved into its well made handle.

He has fallen in with some other members of that ill-fated caravan and they have formed an adventuring company in search of fame and fortune.


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