Chaos Scar

The Ruined Valley

The Chaos Scar is a long, wide valley carved long ago by the fall of a massive meteor, hundreds of years ago. The meteor carved a massive gash in a dark and wild place between points of civilization. Where once had stood a wild forest and swamp between a line of small hills was this new valley—the Chaos Scar.

The Chaos Scar itself is death to most who wander in. It is filled with evil and riddled with caves both natural and tunnelled by generations of monstrous denizens. The deeper one travels into the valley, the deadlier the foes lurking in its caves and hollows. Strange features have been raised, or have simply appeared, within the Scar—circles of standing stones, bizarre towers, grotesque cottages, and other more otherworldly features.

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Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar in the Nentir Vale Foxman